Parking lot management is not what it used to be. Building managers and strata corporations look to Aacme Towing to help manage the parking in their care. The liabilities and responsibilities have become complex. Strata laws are not always clear.

The solution is a tow company who can provide parking lot management patrols 24 hours, 365 days a year – us! Trust AAcme Towing Inc to take care of comprehensive parking lot services in Kelowna and surrounding areas.

Here’s What AAcme can do for you:

  • 1. Enforce Parking Bylaws
  • 2. Make sure all owners and tenants are given notice of intent – that laws will be enforced regularly and fairly.
  • 3. Note and inform on any maintenance issues such as parking lot lines or confusing signage.
  • 4. Monitor Visitor and Handicap Parking sections, Fire Lanes and Limited Time Parking spaces.
  • 5. Contribute to the overall security of the lot with our patrol car having AAcme Towing signage. The Patrol Car driver wears reflective clothing with our company logo on it.
  • 6. Our Patrol Car personnel will electronically record all licence plate numbers
  • 7. When violations occur, Personnel can put an immobilizing “boot” on the vehicle and then call for a tow truck. (The “boot” can be released for a fee before our truck arrives).
  • 8. We have two trucks for underground work making our response time faster for towing, ensuring your lot is kept clear and accessible.