Roadside Assistance Program in Kelowna

At AAcme Towing, we offer an exclusive roadside assistance program in Kelowna to save you money and give you peace of mind all year long.

We’re flexible on the services included, so for example, if you do not use your 2 boosts, you can exchange them for a tow. Give us a call today to learn more about this program!

AAcme Advantage plan

Introducing the only locally owned and operated roadside assistance program


Plan ahead and be prepared
Plan ahead for security and safety


We tow to your location of choice
Trucks are dispatched direct from Kelowna
No hassle billing
You do not have to be with the vehicle
Membership attached to member not vehicle
We will tow uninsured vehicles



  • 4 Local Tows
  • 1 Door Unlock
  • 1 Boost

value plus


  • 2 Local Tows
  • 1 Door Unlock
  • 1 Boost



  • 1 Deck Service for Disabled Vehicle
  • 1 Deck Service for AWD
  • 1 Extraction
  • 1 Door Unlock